The Rise Of Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments

The procedure is minimally invasive; It offers many of the advantages that are obtained through surgery, but without the need to make incisions or mean patient downtime, that is, with almost immediate results. Generally speaking, different fillers are applied in different areas to best define the bone structure, giving the face a finer, more natural appearance.

Neurotoxins, for example, are able to provide an effective facelift in the easiest way. Volume replacement is performed using a variety of injections, either individual or combined, most related to the hyaluronic acid family. However, although they can be used in conjunction with others to improve their appearance, it is not always advisable to mix them. The stretching of the upper part of the face is achieved thanks to the action of neurotoxins, such as the aforementioned Botox or Dysport. Both can be applied with the aim of improving facial features and lifting not only the face but also the spirit of whoever chooses it!


Nose jobs can sometimes be performed non surgically. However, most rhinoplasty procedures require surgery. The best nose job surgeons in Miami suggest a consultation with a consultation before deciding on the correct procedure.

In my case, I usually place it meticulously under the patient’s cheekbones to create a crisp, slim look, resulting in a ‘contoured’ appearance, preventing the skin from looking saggy. Many of my patients experience loss of volume and support under the skin, causing ‘gaps’ to appear in the eye area. This substance allows us to fill depressions in the skin and thus achieve a more lively appearance, always maintaining naturalness. The results of this aesthetic procedure (the final step of the LFL) last an average of one year.

Liquid Face Lift is an excellent facelift option for patients of any age who, taking advantage of the development of innovative techniques, seek to build and improve the volume of their face while preserving its naturalness. Finding the right professional is important; the success of the intervention depends on their knowledge and technique. Choose one certified in an aesthetic specialty, either in facial or oculoplastic plastic surgery, as well as in dermatology.…