Trends in Non-Invasive Facial Aesthetic Treatments

Non-invasive treatment options are making their way with an increasing percentage among people who decide to opt for Aesthetic Medicine to improve their appearance, rejuvenate the skin, and regain their luminosity, elasticity, and firmness. All this without having to go through the operating room and with visible, long-term results, obtained almost immediately after treatment. Busy patients, without time, who require a brief treatment, but 100% effective, aim towards the prevention and rejuvenation of the skin of the face and body, with non-invasive techniques, but with guarantees of short-term success and with almost permanent. Each patient has their own needs, hence the personalization of the treatments. These are some of the trends in aesthetic treatments

Preventive Anti-Wrinkle And Micro-Infiltration Treatment For Localized Wrinkles

Young people who enter their thirties bet on this type of preventive treatment. Apart from taking care of the face with moisturizers, masks, and peels, many have now decided to perform micro-infiltrations in the dermis, with micro-needles affecting the most problematic areas and susceptible of turning an expression mark into wrinkles. The most treated areas are the eye contour, the forehead, around the lips, as well as the contour of the face. With these micro-infiltrations, changes in the appearance of the face are seen, rejuvenated, improving the areas of sports and with the most treated epidermis, without forgetting the frequency of facial cleansing with microdermabrasion.

Tightening threads for face and neck

Increasing trends are smooth strands or collagen stimulators and turnbuckles. This aesthetic treatment helps stimulate collagen production and offers clients an immediate and long-lasting lifting effect. Its application does not require surgery, it is not intrusive, and it is also painless. This rejuvenation treatment is designed to correct and improve wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, raise eyebrows, and firm the contour of the face and neck skin. It is perhaps the newest treatment in aesthetic medicine. Aesthetic treatments 

Nutrient infiltrations vitamins and elements for face and neck treatment

Mesotherapy allows us to treat the patient in a localized way, by applying in a localized way all those nutrients that the skin needs to look bright and youthful.

Facial And Body Rejuvenation Treatment With Hyaluronic Acid Infiltrations

This Element naturally present in our body, for example, in the eyes, in the synovial fluid or in the epidermis, makes our skin firm and elastic. Over the years, this hydration is lost, and therefore, it makes the skin more flaccid, and wrinkles appear. Therefore, hyaluronic acid infiltrations are ideal for rejuvenating the skin. This rejuvenation treatment is not only perfect for the face, but also for areas such as the angle of the jaw, ears, arms, and legs, especially on the cheeks. There are presentations according to their concentration and areas to be treated, such as the lips.

Body And Facial Radiofrequency

Finally, we find one of the most widely accepted treatments today. In these aesthetic services, appliances are used to eliminate flaccidity and promote the regeneration, renewal, and production of collagen, creating a lifting effect. In addition, with this aesthetic treatment, it stimulates lymphatic drainage, helping to eliminate liquids and toxins, as well as improving circulation and oxygenation of the skin. This treatment is indicated for both the face and the rest of the body, being used especially in areas where fat usually accumulates, such as the arms, abdomen, hips, buttocks, and legs. By using it in these areas, it is possible to reduce the volume and improve the appearance of the skin.


In aesthetic medicine, laser technology has been used for several decades. This type of technology uses beams of light of a single wavelength to modify the layer of the skin that we want to treat. There are several types of laser in the specialty: C02 (rejuvenation), Nd: YAG (hair removal and blemishes), pulsed dye (veins), erbium: YAG (scars, moles, striae, among others), a diode (lipolysis). The advantage of lasers is precision, predictable results, and additional effects on skin rejuvenation. They can be used at the facial and body level according to the needs of the patients. Aesthetic treatments

Botulinum toxin

A very important tool, it is used to block dynamic facial lines such as goosebumps, brows, and forehead areas. It is used in mandibular profiling, areas of the platysma, and in axillary and hand hyperhidrosis. To perform facial rejuvenation, there are many treatments that allow you to recover and prevent the most visible effects of time on the face.