Hey guys, my name is Oli! I just thought I would introduce myself and tell you guys a little bit about who I am, about my band and why I have created this blog; hope you enjoy reading it!

So, I was born and raised in Staffordshire and moved to Birmingham as a child. At high school, I was always the guy that would sit there for the whole of lunch with his earphones in and music blaring for the whole of the school to hear! I would listen to my music on the way to school and on the way home, I was obsessed! Of course, I’m sure you can imagine what my favourite class was… music!! I always knew what I wanted from a small child, I always knew that one day I would be in a band and I was so certain of it there was no way that it wasn’t happening!

So, cutting a long story short, I left school and immediately tried to pursue my dreams of being in a band by focusing on my music. One night, I went to a bar just around the corner from my flat where there was an indie band on. While I was at the bar I got chatting to two guys that seemed to have similar dreams to mine, again, cutting a long story short, we immediately knew that we were meant to meet that day and our dreams of creating a band were going to become a reality for sure. So, two years down the line and we are improving each day, we do local gigs and we are starting to have requests from bigger places too!


At the moment, we are working on our own songs but when we do gigs we specialise in signing covers. We always sing Indie songs as Indie music is in our hearts and in our souls, that is just what we live and breathe!

I decided to create this blog for our band MNBAND and update it with blog posts that will help fans understand what we are about, people that come across our name know who we are and also for Indie fans that want to know what amazing songs are out there and are interested in listening to our favourite songs!

On this blog, you can expect only the best (in our eyes) Indie music out there and all about the song and the people who sing it! What I love is hearing a song and knowing a little bit about it, such as, who sings it, about the lyrics and my view on what I think of it. The reason we wanted it to be a blog is so that people can share their ideas, share ours and interact with fellow Indie lovers!

I will also be posting different things such as my daily encounters and things that are going on in our lives (MNBAND lives) and blogs about things we appreciate from day to day along with uplifting quotes.