So guys, I know that this artist is nothing to do with Indie music but… i have just got to write a post about Jamie Lawson! Have you heard one of his songs yet? Wow, oh wow! If you haven’t heard any of his songs, i suggest you stop reading this blog immediately and go check him out before you read any more as he is just phenomenal! His voice is just effortless and he seriously has got unbelievable talent! As i am so obsessed with his song ‘wasn’t expecting that’, i thought i would do a little research on Jamie Lawson and find out a bit about him, you know, to see how interesting he is (like you do).

So, the singer/song-writer Jamie Lawson is originally from Plymouth! The famous song that we know as ‘wasn’t expecting that’ was actually first released in Ireland in 2011 but the song never reached anywhere else and just stayed in Ireland! But… Jamie Lawson didn’t stop, he decided to re-release his single ‘wasn’t expecting that’ in 2015 in hope that he would have another chance at success! But… he got more than just success! Ed Sheeran found the rising star! Well… it was all peachy from there! The song ‘wasn’t expecting that’ reached the charts and was number one in 2015 and the song is still going and people are still going mad for it! Ed Sheeran sore potential in Jamie Lawson and actually signed him up to his new record label ‘Gingerbread Man Records’ and Jamie is the first person to ever be signed up to this day! How awesome is that for Jamie Lawson! That will go down in history… the first artist to be signed up the Ed Sheeran’s new record label!

Watch out for Jamie Lawson, he is a rising star and will soon be a worldwide hero like Ed Sheeran was!