Anyone heard of Michael Rosenberg? Well, I’m sure you have heard of his stage name ‘Passenger’ right? I have just listened to all of his songs over and over again for hours to help me unwind from a hectic day! Guys… does he not just have the best voice you have ever heard? I literally fall in love with his music each time I listen to a song of his! Michael was actually in a band called ‘Passenger’ but the band fizzled out in 2009 and Michael decided to go solo but keep the band’s name!

Taking it back a bit, Michael lived in Brighton as a child and his mother was white British and his father was American. His father, being a film production worker, introduced him to Jamie Catto (ex-faithless member) in 2001 which then lead to Michael being able to sing two songs at the ‘Free Burma Campaign’ benefit gig in London in 2002. On that very night, Michael met a man that then became is writing partner and established contact with the IE Music Label! If Michael hadn’t of gone that night, he may never of met him! When Michael became a solo artist, he began to provide the world with some legendary songs! Which then wrote the amazing song ‘Let Her Go’ which has been at the top of the charts in so many countries now and it was even nominated for the Brit Award for ‘British Single of the Year’ and Passenger even receive the British Academy’s Ivor Novella Award for the most performed work in 2014!

I must say, Michael Rosenberg is such a talented guy and he was so meant to make it in the music industry! Michael never gave up, he knew what he wanted and he knew that in the end, he was going to get it! Being the singer and songwriter of Passenger, it is absolutely phenomenal that he has so much talent! It’s almost not fair! With his captivating voice and his meaningful words, Michael has touched so many hearts around the world with his songs, especially his song ‘Let Her Go’ which blew the world away!

Michael did his first performance when he was 16 just before he founded his band mates and they became ‘Passenger’ and their songs were amazing but when he went solo and the band broke up, that’s when he really let loose on the world and really gave it his all! I must say, this song is 100% in my top 10 of all time! I personally reckon that Passenger will take over as it’s only a matter of time before he releases another banger! And I bet that, that song will go straight to number one! And I cannot wait for that day! Please head over and listen to his song if you haven’t already… you will NOT be disappointed!