Hi guys, for my first post I thought I could tell you little bit about my favourite band and why they are my favourite, just so get to know me and what I like. So without question, my favourite artist is by far Coldplay. I think he is unbelievably talented and I could listen to every single one of his songs over and over again! I personally think that Chris Martin is awesome! The guy just delivers every time! Since Coldplay formed in 1996, they have consistently produced songs that really mean something and in every song you believe the words, and that my friends is what a true artist is capable of doing. Did you know that when they started they weren’t called ‘Coldplay’, they were actually named ‘Pectoralz’? When they first created ‘Pectoralz’, it was just Chris Martin and his friend Jonny Buckland who became the lead guitarist and they started this band together when they were at University College London together! They then named themselves ‘Starfish’ after Guy Berryman joined and became a bassist for the band! And then they finally named it Coldplay after the fourth member of the band joined who became many things including backing vocalist, drummer and a multi-instrumentalist. They originally got the name Coldplay due to a band some of their friends had created and no longer wanted to use the name! (The name was taken from a book called ‘Child’s Reflections, Cold Play’). They released a few songs but they didn’t go worldwide until the release of the absolute legendary song ‘yellow’ which they brought out in 2000!

As you can see, I am very passionate about the band and really believe that they are absolutely legendary and will be remembered for years to come. In nearly 16 years they have managed to win over 30 awards! Guys, I have to say that my favourite song of his would still have to be ‘yellow’ as I just think it is a classic! The words are chosen so perfectly and I find them relaxing to listen to!

With Coldplay selling more than 80 million records worldwide, I would say a lot of people would agree with me when I say they are an awesome band and we are very lucky that fate helped them to meet at University College London (UCL) and just happened to be in the same dormitories, it was so meant to be! With so many songs created, I can say the top rated songs at the minute are:

  1. Clocks
  2. Viva La Vida
  3. The Scientist
  4. Yellow
  5. Fix You

Still going strong, I can’t wait for what songs they have in store for us for 2016! And I can wait for MNBAND to learn the words so we can sing them at our gigs!

Peace out guys