Bloc Party… enough said right? I hear there coming to Birmingham in the near future can’t wait for them to release the date. Just want to shout out that if anyone is looking for a reliable taxi in Birmingham we use Birmingham City Taxis to get around now they are always on time and are very flexible to meet our needs, anyways…. Remember their album ‘Silent Alarm’? It was released as their debut album and I remember the exact day that I brought it! It was back in 2005, the good days! The album was even certified platinum Britain. The lead vocalist, Kele Okereke is such a talented man, along with his band mates Russell Lissack, Justin Harris and Louise Bartle. Bloc Party actually got things started by giving BBC Radio 1’s DJ Steve and Franz a copy of their demo ‘She’s Hearing Voices’ and that when they got their big break.

Bloc Party are an English Indie Rock Band but also have songs linking to electronica and house music! Their songs are so ranged and unlike some artists, every song doesn’t sound the same, which is a big bonus. The band decided to pause their bands career so that they could focus on side projects in 2009 but thankfully they got back together in 2011 and followed on to release their fourth album!

In 2013, Bloc Party decided to focus solely on their side projects… but do I have news for you guys!! Bloc Party are officially releasing their fifth album ‘Hymns’ which will include Harris and Bartle! Their album will be released on 29th January 2016 and I just cannot wait! They didn’t give them the Indie Album of the Year title in 2006 at the PLUG Awards and NME Awards for nothing! This album is definitely one to watch, I will be sure to update you after the 26th January to let you know my thoughts on the album!